The Wine house Sedil Dominova, is managed by  a professional in the world of wine, which  brings experience and passion to serve those  who seek not only classic and prestigious labels  wines, but also new proposals.  The Wine Sedil Dominova is located at the  opposite side of the square, in front of the  restaurant and the Sedil Dominova.  Recently renovated, it features a large central  room where they made presentations and wine  tastings.  The wine section is enriched each year of new  products selected directly from the cellars of  production. Besides a large selection of wines from all  regions of Italy, the place has a section  dedicated to the liqueurs distillates, grappa and  the limoncello and typical liquors of the  Sorrento peninsula. There are also the best brands of sparkling  wines and champagne.     Ristorante Enoteca Sedil Dominova - Via San Cesareo, 70 - 80067 Sorrento (NA) tel. +039 0818781351 - +39 0818771666 -